Fire outbreaks impact people, property and the environment in all countries around the world. In many cases, it results to huge losses of lives and widespread damage of properties with a significant impact on the environment.

In the last 10 years, Nigeria has witnessed an increase in fire outbreaks having lost N6 trillion naira to fire incidence in the last five years while N2 trillion naira worth of goods was lost at a single incidence, the Kano market fire. This alarming increase cannot be overemphasized however; the aftermath impact of this trending global issue on victims has been under-reported. Many times, it is reported as an incidence than more of an emerging issue that mostly results to decreasing standard of living as well as decline in the economy.

The series ‘Xmas Eve’ is the first of an ongoing personal project seeking to understand the travails and socio-economical issues that surround victims of fire outbreaks and coping measures being adopted for survival. Also bearing in mind that this will help to better understand the transformation process and eventual outcome of a space gutted by fire after a period of time.

Through pictures, I am exploring how these victims (residential building gutted by fire on the eve of Christmas, 2017 in Surulere, Lagos), recuperates from the incidence by fostering intimate relationships with them and sharing in their recovery process.

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